'Ode to Hundertwasser' Sculptural Tea Pot, Small,(non-functional)


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This teapot is the smaller of two I created in homage to the Austrian artist, printmaker, architect and environmental-activist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. I came across a book about him when I was living in New Zealand, where he lived the last 30 years of his life and where he is buried and I have been fascinated ever since!

I designed the teapots to be colourful, quirky, naive-style, natural (terracotta clay) and 'no straight lines' in both form and surface design, to be in keeping with the style of Hundertwasser's work and there is, admittedly, more than a nod to some of his famous 'tree' shapes.

Height: 26cm Width: 19cm. Depth: 11cm

Teapot in three parts: stand, pot and lid
Earthenware Clay
Majolica Tin Glaze